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Constructed with a strong adhesive, these numbers are simple to apply to your letterbox, brick work, render or timber, with an easy stick-on adhesive – no tools required!


The extra large 300mm stainless steel numbers offer a stylish and modern finish to your home, letterbox or front fence, ensuring your house numbers will stand out and be noticed!

  • Durable 316 marine stainless steel
  • Brushed finish
  • Extra large 300mm size
  • Available in 0-9, a-d, /, –
  • Slimline finish
  • Easy to affix – no tools required
  • Keeps letterboxes safe, no drilling or screws required

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

As our custom decals and house signs are made to order, they can take up to 10 business days to be completed and ready for shipping or collection.

A design proof is created based off your order and sent for re-approval in house, artwork is run through a decal cutting machine (if a sign, this would then be applied to the plaque), quality checks are conducted again, then the product is packed safely to ensure safe delivery to your door.

We appreciate your patience waiting for your customised product – we know you will love it!

621 (Medium): The medium sized decal is the preferred choice for most of the brick in, fence or wall letterboxes, including Geneva, Chelsea and Monza.

611 (Large) : One of our most popular decal sizes for larger surface areas, which makes this a great fit for customer favourites such as our Parcel Pal 2 and Zurich letterboxes.

622 (Narrow Fit): This decal was created to suit our Austin letterboxes, however due to the narrow size, is also a great fit for our Lisbon letterbox, and several wall letterboxes including Milton, Tottenham, Canterbury and Kensington.

612 (Vertical) : This decal is the perfect size for our standard Camden letterboxes, and can be used on the right hand side (actual letterbox) or the left hand side (feature panel) – this is simply up to personal preference.

613 (Ascot + Camden Large) : As the name suggests, this decal has been created specifically to match our Ascot and Camden Large letterboxes. We do not recommend this decal for any other letterboxes in our range.  

In the photo gallery under each decal page, you will see a variety of images of each specific decal installed on different kinds of letterboxes in a variety of colours to provide you with ideas and inspiration.  

You can also view the ‘Complete the look with house numbers and signs’ section in each letterbox listing, to view which numbers and signs will fit that letterbox.

Our house numbers come in a variety of finishes and sizes to suit every letterbox, ranging from 50mm to 300mm. On each letterbox listing, you can view suggestions of house numbers that we recommend for that product, however you can also refer to our extensive measurement specifications for each letterbox to assess if your preferred house number will fit on your preferred letterbox surface area.  

Please note for installation onto the letterbox itself, we recommend our specifically designed ‘stick-on’ range, to protect the structure of your letterbox. The stick-on range is constructed with a strong adhesive that mounts to all our letterboxes. 

Unfortunately, we do not install the numbers/signs/decals to letterboxes before shipping to you. 

These products are all easy to DIY install/attach to ensure that you are happy with correct placement on your letterbox. Please refer to Installation instructions on your product listing for assistance. 

Stick On: Constructed with a strong adhesive, our stick on number range is easy to install – no tools required! Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Peel off the protective backing and press it down firmly in your chosen position.  

Screw On: Install instructions will differ depending on the medium you are attaching to. Screw in numbers will require a drill, however the screws are included with the number/s. You can view all install instructions on the product listing. 

If you have placed your steel number incorrectly, we recommend covering a spatula with a soft cloth or towel, and gently prying the number/s off.

We do not suggest screwing numbers into your concrete letterbox, as the exposure to weather elements could cause damage, as well as the potential for the concrete to crack due to the vibrations during installation. We suggest you screw your numbers into your fence, and instead use Stick on House Numbers or a Custom House Sign for your concrete letterbox. Our stick on house numbers range have been specifically designed for our concrete letterboxes to make installation a breeze.  

We do not recommend a decal for a concrete letterbox, as it can be hard to stick to the rougher surface of concrete. We suggest a custom house sign for our concrete letterboxes – we especially love the stainless-steel house signs paired with our concrete letterboxes with stainless steel faceplates.

Your custom house sign is easy to install – simply use some construction adhesive from a hardware store (eg Liquid Nails Fast Grab), apply to the back of your sign (ensuring you stop 2cm from the edges), and adhere to your surface.  

Unfortunately, the character limit shown on each product is the maximum that is able to fit on that sign. We do recommend abbreviating words if needed, eg. Road to Rd or Street to St.  

Our Medium, Large and Extra Large signs do allow more characters than the Small sign, if you require extra characters.  

Small 150×200: Street Number – 3 characters, Address – 12 Characters
Medium 150×300: Street Number – 5 characters, Address – 19 Characters
Large 200×400: Street Number – 5 characters, Address – 19 Characters
Extra Large: 250×500: Street Number – 5 characters, Address – 19 Characters 

Our live preview feature allows you to easily try multiple combinations to ensure you are happy with the placement and wording prior to placing your order.  

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