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Our front open picket fence letterboxes are some of our most popular. Shop our different styles of front panels, and choose the colour of your rear box. With designs offering A4 & parcel sizing, curved designs, sleek flat designs, mail flaps, newspaper rings and much more, you’ll be sure to find the perfect letterbox for your front fence.

The functional mounting design on our picket fence letterboxes ensure our Milkcan range are suitable for installation into wooden fences, brick fences, concrete walls and pool fences with a clever concealed mounting design, offering a stylish and clean finish.

All of our fence-mount letterboxes have exceptional features that are designed to make your life easier including easy installation with all parts included, such as rain and theft resistant mail slots and key locks.

We construct our fence letterboxes from high quality materials that have been carefully chosen for their beneficial properties. Our 304 grade stainless steel is a fantastic stylish material that is durable and rust resistant. Our powder-coated galvanised steel rear boxes have had zinc coating applied, which acts as a physical barrier against moisture, making the steel corrosion resistant. Not only are these materials very durable, they look great too.

When you choose a fence mounted mailbox from Milkcan, high quality and functionality are guaranteed. This particular series was designed with convenience in mind. Shop our range online and we’ll ship straight to your door, or visit our showroom and shop in Thomastown, Melbourne.