We’ve put together all your letterbox accessories that you’ll need in keeping your letterbox functional and stylish for years to come.

If you’re looking for a letter plate to install into your door for your home or business, our stainless steel letter plates are ideal. Shop in 2 sizes, and with a handy weather mail flap your mail will be safe and secure once placed through your door.

Our ExtendAPost’s are the perfect addition to our letterbox and posts, as they help retain the height of your letterbox after installation – perfect if you’re installing behind a fence. Often during installation, your letterbox will lose up to 300mm of height as it’s installed into the ground, these handy ExtendAPost’s insert effortlessly into the bottom of your letterbox post, and install into the ground, and keep your overall height.

If you ever lose your keys to your letterbox, we’ve got replacements! All you need to do is easily shop our keys and let us know your lock number and we’ll post out replacements – just ensure if your letterbox is locked, you pop down another address where you can access your mail.

We also offer combination locks for all your parcel letterboxes if you lock yourself out.