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Milkcan is excited to introduce our own designer range of outdoor fire pits, including lots of varying sizes & styles to suit every home. From portable camping fire pits, to extra large sizing that creates a statement piece, with rust and black finishes, there’s sure to be a style for you.

Fire pits are ideal in creating a beautiful centre piece in your outdoor living areas, providing ambience and warmth for you and your friends on those chilly nights. Adding a fire bowl to your backyard, courtyard or patio will bring your outdoor area to life. Perfect to use all year round, why not use it as a planter water bowl, fish bowl or ice bucket for your next party.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with a designer fire pit for sale from Milkcan. With a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from, you can rest assured that we have something for every taste and budget. On the fence about getting one? Here’s what our fire pits have to offer.

Outdoor Firepit Ambience

The mesmerising, heart-warming flicker of our open flame pits, bowls and fire tables can help you create a lovely ambience for friends and family. The lighting of the fire almost instantly lightens the mood, setting the tone for quality time together. Be the host with the most and grab a bag of marshmallows and some of our marshmallow forks for a complete experience.

Firepit Styles

At Milkcan, we take things further with design-led solutions that boast style and sophistication. Whether you’re looking to make a designer statement or keep things simple, our fire pits cater to all preferences. Our traditional fire pits are available in a rust or black finish. With black fixtures & finishes becoming more popular around the home, adding a black fire pit is a whole new element that’s definitely on trend! However, a rust finish fire pit can be lower maintenance and the extra character will also make a statement that looks great in almost all outdoor areas. Our Ethanol fire pits are available in a variety of colours and finishes including natural, bone, graphite, teak, black and stainless steel. We find that no matter what style of home you have there is a fire pit that will suit it perfectly!

Outdoor Fire pit Functionality

Our fire pits can help you transform your outdoor area into a multi-seasonal space, so you can enjoy the bright blue or starry skies all year round. Baby, it’s cold outside? Cuddle up by the fire and stay warm and cosy no matter the weather.
Our traditional fire pits are available in a range of sizes (bowl width) ranging from 60cm, all the way up to our extra large at 100cm. This allows you to choose the most suitable sized fire pit for your outdoor space, as well as also providing a light, portable option for weekends away camping. We even have varieties which include handles to allow you to easily move your firepit around your backyard as needed.

Fire Pit Versatility

Entertain all year round! Easily convert your pit into a BBQ with a grill from our selection, or add one of our timber pit covers from our fire pit acccessoires range, perfect for hosting in all seasons. Why not make it a set, and add one or two of our Firewood storage seats to complete your space.

Choosing the Right Fire Pit

Practical, versatile and oh-so-charming, there’s nothing not to love about our fire pits. However, choosing the right one for your space takes a little bit of knowledge. Fire or ethanol pits? Cast iron or steel? Answering these questions can help you make an informed choice to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase for years down the line.

Fire vs Ethanol Pits

The main difference between traditional fire and ethanol pits is that the former is designed to burn timber while the latter is powered by eco-friendly bioethanol. At Milkcan, you’ll find both options available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Ethanol is a fantastic option if you’re after the versatility of both indoor and outdoor use, with a smokeless entertaining solution. The ethanol fire bowls are also a great solution if you’re looking to add a fire bowl to a balcony or courtyard. The larger tables work well for larger entertaining spaces, with built in tables simply add a cheese board ready to entertain.

The steel and cast iron range of log fire pits are perfect for camping or for backyards of all sizes. Designed with durability in mind, they’re a great addition to bring any backyard to life.

Cast Iron vs Steel Pits

Both cast iron and steel fire pits are a great option to choose from! All our Milkcan fire pits are designed with longevity in mind, which is why we design our fire pits with 3-4mm thickness. You may notice the thickness on some of our cast iron fire pits to be a little thinner on the rim, however we ensure the thickness is where it matters in the base that holds the fire – with thickness up to 10mm.

We’ve incorporated both cast iron and steel fire pits into our range, to allow for all different styles of designs. The process of manufacturing cast iron allows us to make specific designs that aren’t available using steel. Cast iron is a naturally heavier material, but no more stronger or durable than our steel fire pits. Steel also allows for a smoother finish than it’s cast iron counterpart.

How to light a fire pit?

There are several ways in which you can light a fire pit. The technique will vary depending on your chosen model. We recommend using aged and dried wood which will result in less smoke, and therefore less irritation, and once the fire is lit, add more wood gradually as needed. You will also want to make sure the firepit is well ventilated for good airflow.   Please read assembly and safe use instructions before using your fire pit to avoid fire hazards.

Ethanol fire pits are supplied with everything you’ll need to light your fire, with safety instructions. Simply purchase the ethanol fuel – sold separately online – and you’ll be ready to enjoy.

How to put out a fire pit?

There are several ways in which you can put out a fire pit.

Ensure you let the fire burn down prior to wanting to put it out, and make sure all embers are extinguished when finished. Please refer to your safe use instructions to ensure you’re using the right technique to avoid damage/fire hazards. It is important to clean your firepit regularly to ensure future fires will burn well and helps the longevity of your fire pit.

Can I have a fire pit in my backyard?

Backyard fire pit usage is legal as long as you follow the laws and regulations in your state. The fire pit should not stand closer than 4 metres from a timber wall, and you should ensure that the smoke emissions do not annoy your neighbours.

Can I have a fire pit on concrete?

Yes, concrete is a non-combustible material thus a safe surface for a fire pit. We recommend ensuring that the concrete is a stable/level surface to prevent hazards – raised concrete pavers can be perfect for this to provide protection from the extreme heat.

Can I have a fire pit on grass?

Yes, you can place your fire pit on grass, we do recommend laying a few pavers or pebbles around the fire pit if you’re using it on grass, to prevent any embers impacting your grassed area.

Do cast iron fire pits rust?

Cast iron is prone to rust—it’s a completely normal and natural process. However, the rate of rusting will greatly depend on the exposure to the elements of nature. To keep your cast iron pit in good condition, proper care is required. It is important to store the fire pit in a dry and covered location when not in use, as rain can accelerate the rusting process. You can also purchase an oil based sealant from your local hardware to slow down the rust process. However, we also think the rusting process can add character and create a fantastic looking feature in your backyard – the choice is up to you!

Will my rust fire pit continue to rust?

Your rust fire pit will continue to naturally weather into its durable rustic finish. We do recommend keeping your rust fire pit away from surfaces that may be affected by rust staining.

For longevity, we recommend to store your fire pit under cover or out of the elements when you’re not using it. This will increase the lifespan of your fire pit.

Will my black fire pit rust?

Your black fire pit is finished with a high temperature black painted surface that is resistant to heat but not water. If left uncovered in the elements, it will age to a natural rust finish over time and stabilise, requiring no further maintenance. Some people love the fact that their black fire pit will go through a gradual phase of rusting, this can make a great looking addition to your space. If you would prefer that your fire pit stays its beautiful sleek black, you can use rub back the surface and apply a coat of heat resistant potbelly black paint each season to keep it looking its best!

For longevity, we recommend to store your fire pit under cover or out of the elements when you’re not using it. This will increase the lifespan of your fire pit.

Can a fire pit go on a deck?

We do not recommend placing your fire pit directly on wood or composite decking as this can affect the condition of the surface beneath and be a fire hazard. You can, however, consider using a specially designed fire pit mat made from fire-resistant insulating material to protect against heat transfer and ash and coals falling out.

Can you have a fire pit in an apartment/balcony?

Ethanol firepits can be used indoors (with fire screen) or on balconies. Before installation ensure the firepit is positioned in accordance with compulsory minimum clearances outlined in the installation manual, and that the pit is used correctly according to the operations manual.

Does my fire pit come with a warranty?

Our firepits are constructed using sturdy and quality materials, however we understand sometimes unexpected issues can occur. Milkcan offers a 10 year structural warranty for our firepit range.