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About Us

We at Milkcan Outdoor Products are a fully Australian owned company that takes pride in the quality and ingenuity of our products. 

All of our products are first designed inhouse by our resident engineer, then perfected in both functionality and design before they get the manufacturing go ahead. We understand that your letterbox is the first thing your friends and neighbours notice about your house, so why have a boring, dull and plain letterbox that draws away from your home, when you could have a Milkcan signature design such as one of our modern timber panels, a perfect sleek stainless steel fence box to compliment that fence, or a stylish freestanding letterbox that would look perfect in your garden.  A letterbox is more than functionality, it is the standout piece to your home.

We've been designing letterboxes for Australian homes for nearly 20 years and as the style of homes have changed over the years  so have our letterboxes.  We are continuously designing new styles of letterboxes and innovating new concepts to ensure there is a letterbox for every style of home, from the inner-city to the country, there is a functional, stylishishly designed letterbox for you.