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Built to last!

Designed for making memories, our fire pits are designed and constructed with extra strength where it matters.

With a sturdy and durable cast iron bowl, and a 10 year structural warranty, we want to ensure you can enjoy your fire pit for years to come. 


Entertain all year round

Roast marshmallows in winter, BBQ in summer and entertain in spring and autumn.

  • Cast iron bowl
  • 10 year structural warranty
  • Pre-rusted for a natural finish
  • No assembly required
  • Complete the look with our range of fire pit accessories

Bring family and friends together

The Dakota 72cm fire pit is perfect for smaller backyards and courtyards, while also large enough to keep you warm through the night.

What’s in the box

  • Fire bowl
  • Ring base
  • Instruction manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We do not currently have an Ember screen designed for our 70cm fire pits. The Ember Screen 80 could technically be used with the Phoenix 70, Arizona 70 and Dakota 70 fire pits, however the screen will overhang and may not look visually appealing.

We’ve incorporated both cast iron and steel fire pits into our range, to allow for all different styles of designs. The process of manufacturing cast iron allows us to make specific designs that aren’t available using steel. Cast iron is a naturally heavier material, but no more stronger or durable than our steel fire pits. Steel also allows for a smoother finish than it’s cast iron counterpart. 

The main difference between traditional and ethanol fire pits is that the former is designed to burn timber while the latter is powered by eco-friendly bioethanol.  

Ethanol is a fantastic option if you’re after the versatility of both indoor and outdoor use, with a smokeless entertaining solution. The ethanol fire bowls are also a great solution if you’re looking to add one to a balcony or courtyard. The larger tables work well for larger entertaining spaces.  

Traditional fire pits are to be used specifically outside only, which makes them perfect for backyard entertaining, as well as camping. 

Most of our fire pits are ready to go straight out of the box. Others may require very easy assembly of the base. Simply follow the assembly instructions provided, or on the product listing page. 

Our fire pit thickness ranges from 3-4mm to ensure they are heavy duty and have extra strength where it matters.

Backyard fire pit usage is legal as long as you follow the laws and regulations in your state. The fire pit should not stand closer than 4 metres from a timber wall, and you should ensure that the smoke emissions do not annoy your neighbours 

Our steel fire pits should only be placed and used on heat resistant surfaces – our recommendations include gravel, crushed rock, sand, brick or clay pavers.

We do not recommend placing your fire pit directly on concrete, grass, wood, composite decking, ceramic or porcelain tiles, due to the base of the fire pit generating high heat levels, and being in direct contact with these materials can affect the condition of the surface beneath.

If your desired fire pit area includes concrete flooring, we would suggest adding an additional heat resistant layer between the fire pit and concrete such as brick or clay pavers.

Ethanol fire pits can be used indoors (with fire screen) or on balconies. Before installation ensure the fire pit is positioned in accordance with compulsory minimum clearances outlined in the installation manual, and that the fire pit is used correctly according to the operations manual. 

Begin by placing tinder in the centre of the empty fire pit, and then add kindling on top – the two most popular stacking methods are either a traditional “Tee-pee” shape, or alternatively, a “Jenga” style tower. Regardless of which method you use, it is important to ensure you leave adequate gaps to allow good air flow.

Add the firelighter to the tinder pile, and use matches or a lighter to light and leave for a few minutes to allow it to catch. Once the kindling has also ignited, you can now start adding in your firewood to the stack. It is advisable to only add a few smaller pieces of firewood at this point to allow the wood to catch the fire, and gradually add more as needed once the fire has some momentum.

A poker can be used once the fire is established to move the wood around and allow you to safely stoke the fire.

It is advised to gradually let the fire die down approximately an hour before you are wanting to put it out. Using a poker or a large stick, spread the ashes throughout the fire pit to allow them to cool, and start extinguishing the embers. From this point, you can use a shovel to add sand or dirt to the fire pit and mix through with the poker/stick to extinguish the last remaining embers. This method is preferred as there is no sudden change in temperature to the steel.

If you have no sand or dirt available, you can use your garden hose if it comes with a spray setting. While this is not the preferred method of extinguishing a fire, if using water you must take extra care as any hot firewood in the firepit can give off high levels of steam once it comes in contact with the water, which may cause injury.

The bases are designed to hold the bowl securely in place but in doing so, it is exposed to the direct heat from the fire. Please ensure the fire pit is in your preferred position before lighting a fire, and do not touch the base of the fire pit under any circumstance until the fire is out and completely cold.  

For longevity, we recommend to store your fire pit under cover or out of the elements when you’re not using it. This will increase the lifespan of your fire pit.

The use of a fire pit cover will also increase longevity and provide additional resistance from the elements including rain and the sun.

Your rust fire pit will continue to naturally weather into its durable rustic finish. We do recommend keeping your rust fire pit away from surfaces that may be affected by rust staining, and using on a raised surface eg concrete pavers, to protect your decking or tiles from rust.  

For longevity, we recommend to store your fire pit under cover or out of the elements when you’re not using it. This will increase the lifespan of your fire pit. 

Your black fire pit is finished with a high temperature black painted surface that is resistant to heat but not water. If left uncovered in the elements, it will age to a natural rust finish over time and stabilise, requiring no further maintenance. Some people love the fact that their black fire pit will go through a gradual phase of rusting, this can make a great looking addition to your space. If you would prefer that your fire pit stays its beautiful sleek black, you can rub back the surface and apply a coat of heat resistant potbelly black paint each season to keep it looking its best! 

For longevity, we recommend to store your fire pit under cover or out of the elements when you’re not using it. This will increase the lifespan of your fire pit. 

If the product is displayed as “In Stock”, this product is currently in stock in our warehouse and ready to ship or be collected from our showroom.  

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We understand that you like to be informed of the status of your order and delivery. Once you place an order online, you will receive an email with your order confirmation. As soon as your product/s are shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an email and/or SMS confirming dispatch. You will also receive a separate email from the courier with your tracking information. 

We use only premium express courier services to deliver your products directly to your door. This ensures your parcel is delivered quickly (usually within 1-3 days on the east coast) as well as safely.  

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W.A, TAS, North QLD and NT is approximately 6-9 business days.  

We cannot guarantee delivery time frames once an order has left our warehouse.
We recommend using the tracking information provided after dispatch has occurred to receive updates on your order.  

Please note: delivery delays may occur during peak, holiday or Covid lockdown periods, and during extreme weather conditions.

For more information about Shipping, please visit our Shipping page.

Our fire pits are constructed using sturdy and quality materials, however we understand sometimes unexpected issues can occur. Milkcan offers a 10 year structural warranty for our fire pit range.  

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