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Simply unbox, roll into place and enjoy!

The easiest solution for balconies and courtyards.


Easy installation for everyone

Select your preferred size from our range of popular options. We will cut it to size, all ready for you to simply unbox, roll out and enjoy!

  • Ideal for kids, pets, balconies and courtyards
  • Add instant greenery to your space
  • The long pile height together with the plush, soft feel, makes it a great choice for families
  • Natural lawn finish
  • Comfy to walk on

Why you’ll love it

  • UV protected from the Australian sun
  • Allergy free
  • Easy to clean with a hose
  • No need to water or mow
  • Low maintenance

What’s in the box

  • Your selected cut size of grass

Nothing else required, simply roll into place and enjoy!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Yes! We love a quick and easy DIY installation, so we have ensured our artificial grass is as easy as purchasing your required size, unboxing, rolling into place, and you can enjoy it straight away!  

As our artificial grass is so easy to install, you can use it wherever you like! 
We think it’s the perfect fit for courtyards and balconies to add some greenery to your aesthetic, as well as a solution for pets in those properties where it may not be possible to have a lawn.  
It is a fantastic option for rental properties where you can simply roll back up and take with you if you move. The easy portability also makes it a great choice for camping or caravanning to keep the pets and kids happy on the go! 

There is almost no maintenance required for artificial grass! No need to spend your weekends mowing, weeding and watering. If messes do occur due to pets or spills, your grass will be easy to clean with just a hose down. If the artificial grass is placed in a high traffic area, you can also rake or brush through the pile as required to freshen up.  

Yes! All of our artificial grass choices are a fantastic option for our furry friends – however we do recommend our “Lifestyle” option for Pets as the shorter pile height makes it a breeze to clean up. You can simply clean up after your pets like normal, and then a quick hose down when required. The pile and thatching ensure the grass feels soft and life-like, making it perfect for play or a snooze! 

We offer 5 different options for artificial grass. All options have the same benefits of being low maintenance, easy to clean, allergy free and UV protected.  However, each have subtle differences ranging from colour, pile height, and thatching, which may influence your decision, and so we have included a handy tip in each heading e.g. For Pets, For Play, etc.  
The choice will ultimately come down to your personal preference and the intended use of the artificial grass, but rest assured, whichever option you choose, we know you will love it! 

We offer 5 of the most popular size options for each artificial grass.  
1m x 2m, 1m x 3m, 1m x 4m, 2m x 3m and 2m x 5m.  
We cut these to size when you place your order, and ship straight to your door, ready for you to unbox, roll out and enjoy!  

Milkcan is proud to offer an 8 year warranty on our artificial grass to ensure you can use and enjoy it for years to come. 

Our artificial grass is made from polyethylene and polypropylene. 

Our artificial grass was designed to meet the harsh Australian elements; however, any synthetic or artificial grass can melt if subjected to extreme heat. For this reason, we do not recommend using a fire pit or BBQ on the artificial grass, as well as avoiding placing any metal objects on it on a hot day. 

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