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Shop our stylish range of parcel freestanding parcel letterboxes and receive all your mail and parcels straight to your home. Our collection of freestanding parcel letterboxes are perfect if you’re looking for a modern pillar that will add style to your home.

With so many customers shopping online, and wanting to receive parcels straight to your home securely with peace of mind, our newest collection of parcel letterboxes are the perfect solution.

All our parcel letterboxes are easy to install, with all fittings included, and ensure you’ll never have to visit the post office again. Receive a varying size of parcels and satchels securely to your home, and with our easy to use locks and combination locks, your mail will be safe until you’re ready to retrieve.

Shop from different styles and finishes, from stainless steel to premium powder-coating, there’s a parcel letterbox to suit your home.

Shop online today and we’ll ship straight to your door, or visit our showroom in Thomastown, Melbourne.