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So your brand new Milkcan fire pit has arrived, and you’re ready to invite your loved ones over for a cosy night under the stars.

While it may seem as simple as putting a match to firewood, there are some simple steps you can take to successfully light your fire, and ensure you can enjoy the warmth well into the night.

What you need:
Firewood (see note below)
Matches / BBQ lighter
Fire poker

NOTE: It is important to use dry, quality firewood. We recommend using one of our firewood storage options together with the compatible rain cover to ensure your wood and kindling is always ready to burn. By keeping your firewood dry you will also prevent high smoke levels and ensure you are getting maximum heat from your fire.

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Begin by placing the tinder in the centre of the empty fire pit, and then add kindling on top – the two most popular stacking methods are either a traditional “Tee-pee” shape, or alternatively, a “Jenga” style tower. Regardless of which method you use, it is important to ensure you leave adequate gaps to allow good air flow.

Add the firelighter to the tinder pile, and use your matches (or a lighter) to light and leave for a few minutes to allow it to catch. Once the kindling has also ignited, you can now start adding in your firewood to the stack. It is advisable to only add a few smaller pieces of firewood at this point to allow the wood to catch the fire, and gradually add more as needed once the fire has some momentum.

A poker can be used once the fire is established to move the wood around and safely allow you to stoke the fire.

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samba-milkcan-extendable-poker (1)

Our friends at Samba have an extensive range of fire products that can be used to quickly and easily start your fire, perfect for even first time fire pit owners.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to store your firewood, you can shop our firewood storage options here, and as an additional benefit, each storage unit has a compatible rain cover available.

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New products and inspiration straight to your mail box

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