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When styling a cluster of pots, there are a few tips we recommend to make your space look cohesive and stylish!

Our first tip is utilising different heights, whether you achieve this by using different sized pots, or adding pot stands, is completely up to personal preference.
This is visually appealing to the eye and catches your attention immediately.

Our second tip is choosing the amount of pots you want to cluster. While many believe three is the magic number for pot clusters, using even numbers such as two or four pots can create a more formal symmetry.

Our third tip is choosing the best plants for your pots. The most important factor is choosing plants that are proportional to your pot sizes. You can choose to use the same plant in different sizes, or be creative and choose your favourite plants that flow together and create a beautiful feature. For our taller pots like Noosa, we recommend elongated plants like a Birds of Paradise, whereas Philodendron and Monstera varieties look great in our wider pots like Bondi or Santorini.

Our final tip is how to choose the best location for your cluster. Our pot range has been designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, however when choosing where to place your new cluster, we have a few recommendations. A cluster of two or three pots at your front door is a welcoming treat for guests, and can also bring a peaceful, calming vibe to your bathroom. For larger outdoor areas, especially near pools, a cluster of three or four pots allows for an eye catching display that can inspire a relaxing holiday feel. A pot cluster in an indoor area such as a living room can add the finishing touch to your other styling elements, whilst also providing the beneficial air quality that live plants provide.

Don’t forget that one of the biggest benefits of using pots is that you have the flexibility to move them around as you wish, and if you choose to keep your plants in their nursery pot, you can also move the plants around between your different pots as well.

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