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While we all know fire pits provide ambience and warmth for you and your loved ones on those chilly nights, many don’t realise they can also create a beautiful centre piece in your outdoor living areas.  Milkcan fire pits are designed to make statement, and with black fixtures and fittings around the home continuing in popularity, why not continue the modern and timeless theme through to the backyard.

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Our black fire pits are finished with a high temperature black painted surface that is resistant to heat but not water. If left uncovered in the elements, it will age to a natural rust finish over time and stabilise, requiring no further maintenance. Some people love the fact that their black fire pit will go through a gradual phase of rusting, this can make a great looking addition to your space. If you would prefer that your fire pit stays its beautiful sleek black, you can use rub back the surface and apply a coat of heat resistant potbelly black paint each season to keep it looking its best! 

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If you’re feeling inspired by our customers stunning imagery above, you can view our range of black fire pits here.

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