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Often the very first thing that’s noticed about a home when visitors pull up is the number on the letterbox or home. Attractive and well-designed numbering can provide visitors with a great first impression, and are also helpful to those trying to locate your home.

Milkcan have a stylish range of house numbers and letterbox numbers available to choose from. With installation options including stick on, screw on and floating finish, you can select from negative numerals in a stencil-like design or solid numbers, giving you ultimate versatility. Our house numbers are available in a range of finishes including stainless steel, premium powder-coated steel and vinyl decal. Our numbers are tough and durable and can be installed onto most surfaces.

If you prefer your numbers to be in a different material, we also offer a glass stud mount option. All our options come with the fixings required for installation, simplifying the process and saving the need to order separate parts.

To make it easy to shop, we’ve included your favourite numbers with each letterbox, simply shop your favourite letterbox and see the numbers we’ve displayed that suit it best.

Shop online today and we’ll ship straight to your door, or visit our showroom in Thomastown, Melbourne.