763 Torino PARCEL Front Open

The Torino front opening brick-in parcel letterbox is designed and constructed with a modern and stylish powder-coated finish, mounting flush against your wall for a clean finish. The Torino letterbox expands up to 490mm allowing versatility for installing into your brick or block fence.


– Galvanised steel construction
– Black, Charcoal or White
– Adjustable sleeve up to 490mm
– Fits 1 brick wide x 2 brick high cavity
– Front mail and parcel access with combination lock

$ 95.00

  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Black

Torino letterbox is pictured with our Black & White custom number plaque, Small address decal, 75mm slim stainless stick, 75mm stainless stick and 75mm black stick numbers

The Torino front opening brick-in letterbox is perfect for anyone looking to add a sleek letterbox to your front brick work. Designed to mount flush against your wall, this easy to install mailbox is easily accessible from the front and has an adjustable depth from 290mm to 490mm, and shorter if desired (can be cut down to suit). The powder-coated front panel has a rain and theft resistant flap.

A new concept in letterbox design, the Torino Letterbox is constructed to securely receive your mail and parcel needs – perfect for the online shopper! The Torino letterbox is a great brick in letterbox that allows flexibility and versatility to suit your brick pillars and walls.

How It Works
Mail is delivered through the mail slot and parcels delivered via the front door. When unlocked, the front panel simply opens and your parcel is placed inside. The door is then closed and locked by the courier to ensure your delivery is secure.

Installation Tip: The sleeve can be be easily installed into your wall without the front panel attached.  These can be attached after all the cleaning and rendering has been completed, meaning that they don’t run the risk of being damaged during installation.

– Includes front panel and adjustable sleeve with capped back
– Premium powder-coated finish
– Available colours; White, Charcoal or Black
– Front mail and parcel access
– Sleeve is adjustable from 290mm to 490mm depth (can be cut down to suit your shorter depth)
– Combination lock
– Fits 2 brick high x 1 brick wide cavity

What’s in the Box:
– Front panel
– Adjustable sleeve
– Combination Lock


Application:  Brick-in Letterbox
Material:  Galvanised Powder-coated Steel
Colour:  Black, Charcoal, White
Height: 210mm (front) 170mm (sleeve)
Width: 285mm (front) 240mm (sleeve)
Depth: 290mm to 490mm


Download Torino Installation Instructions

1. Front Panel Instructions

2. Back Sleeve Instructions



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