1821 Palazzo Brick


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The new Palazzo Letterbox is an ideal brick-in for anyone looking for A4 width for their brick pillar or fence. A stylish brick-in letterbox, the Palazzo offers the versatility of both A4 depth and width. Flush mount to your wall, the modern Palazzo letterbox arrives with a pre-assembled adjustable sleeve that expands up to 470mm allowing versatility for installing into your brick fence.

– Galvanised steel
– Premium black powder-coated finish
– Adjustable sleeve up to 470mm
– Fits 1.5 brick wide x 2 brick high cavity
– Key lock
– Rear mail access

Palazzo letterbox pictured with our Medium custom address decal and 50mm Silver decal numbers

The new Palazzo letterbox is an ideal brick in for anyone looking for A4 width for their brick pillar or fence. Most of our brick-in letterboxes are available with A4 depth due the adjustable sleeves, but if you’re looking for for A4 width with the option of depth, the 1821 Palazzo letterbox is for you! Featuring a modern style, the Palazzo is designed to be mounted flush against your wall.

New and improved, the adjustable depth sleeve included in the all in one set, has been upgraded and is now a fully pre-formed sleeve that does not need any assembly, this makes the installation a breeze! Able to adjust depth from 250mm to 470mm, and shorter if desired (easily cut with tin snips), the Palazzo is a great brick in letterbox that allows flexibility and versatility to suit your brick pillars and walls.

Installation Tip: The sleeve can be be easily installed into your wall without the front and rear panels attached.  These can be attached after all the cleaning and rendering has been completed, meaning that they don’t run the risk of being damaged during installation

– Includes front panel, adjustable pre-assembled sleeve and rear panel with key lock
– Galvanised Steel
– Premium black powder-coated finish
– Takes A4 mail
– Rear mail access
– Sleeve is adjustable from 250mm to 470mm depth (can be cut down to suit your shorter depth with tin snips)
– Key lock + keys included
– Fits 2 brick high x 1.5 brick wide cavity
– Sleeve arrives fully assembled

What’s in the Box:
– Front and back panels
– Adjustable sleeve
– Keys


Application:  Brick-in Letterbox
Material:  Galvanised Powder-coated Steel (front & rear)
Galvanised Steel (sleeve)
Colour: Black
Height: 210mm (front & rear) 170mm (sleeve)
Width: 400mm (front & rear) 355mm (sleeve)
Depth: 250mm to 470mm

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