Camden PARCEL Letterbox + Clothes Line Kit

This combination kit of the Camden letterbox and clothesline is an ideal all-in-one kit perfect for new homeowners, or anyone renovating or building.


How to order:

  1. Select your Camden letterbox colour
  2. Select your clothes line size (see description below for specifications)
  3. Select your clothes line colour
  4. Select your mounting method – wall mount only (no ground mount kit), with posts only (in-ground mount kit), with posts + plates (above-ground mount kit)
  5. If selected ground-mount kit, select your colour
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Camden letterbox pictured with our Camden Custom address decal and 120mm Stainless Steel stick on numbers

This combination kit of the popular Camden parcel letterbox and clothes line is an ideal all-in-one kit perfect for new home-owners, or anyone renovating or building. With the versatility of selecting your letterbox colour, clothesline size, clothesline colour and clothesline mounting kit, this all-in-one combination is a great choice for your home!

The Letterbox

The Camden Parcel Letterbox has been designed with style in mind whilst offering an efficient and convenient way to have parcels delivered securely to your home. With an easy and secure lift lid, all mail and parcels are received with added security, with the lid unable to be left open, meaning all your parcels are secure until you get home to retrieve them.

The Camden parcel letterbox is perfect for when you need to receive A4 mail, satchels and medium size parcels and big enough to hold a large capacity of mail – you’ll never have to visit the post office again! A modern letterbox perfect for anyone who receives larger mail or wants to ship their online shopping purchases straight to their home with peace of mind.

How It Works
Mail and parcels are delivered through the top opening lid.  The lid is simply lifted upwards.  As this happens, an internal panel lifts up to provide a floor for the mail or parcel to rest on.  As the lid is closed the floor drops away the mail or parcels fall into the secure compartment below.

For security, as the lid is opened, the internal floor rises up to block access to the mail and parcel compartment so your deliveries remain secure at all times.

The rear door with key lock offers an easy and convenient means of retrieving your mail satchels and small parcels. The body is constructed from galvanised steel with a durable powder-coat finish, ensuring this parcel letterbox will last for many years. All parts are included along with an anchor bolt to secure your parcel letterbox to the ground.

– Receives small to medium parcels & satchels securely (shoe box size)
– Takes A4 mail
– Retrieval with key lock through front door
– Galvanised steel construction
– Durable powder coated finish
– Easy to install with supplied anchor bolt to the ground
– Arrives fully assembled
– Theft and rain resistant

The Clothes Line

All our Milkcan designed fold down clothes lines are constructed using durable galvanised steel and finished with a premium powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance with 4 modern colours to choose from.  Whether you’re choosing to mount your clothes line to a wall or fence, or installing into or onto the ground, we’ve got the solutions for you.

Our Milkcan clothes lines all have the ability to shorten the width if you’re short on space. Featuring an easy folding operation with our lift, lock and release mechanism, the clothes line can be neatly folded down when not in use.

Slimline Clothes Line
– 2400mm wide x 820mm deep
– 7 lines with 16 metres of hanging space

Compact Clothes Line
– 2400mm wide x 1150mm deep
– 11 lines, 25 metres of hanging space

Standard Clothes Line
– 2400mm wide x 1350mm deep
– 13 lines, 31 metres of hanging space

Family Clothes Line
– 2200mm wide x 1550mm deep
– 10 lines, 22 metres of hanging space


Camden Letterbox

SKU: 784CH
Colour: Charcoal Bark / Charcoal Birch /
Black Merbau / Black Silver

Material: Galvanised Steel
Height: 950mm
Width: 240mm
Depth: 320mm
Weight: 12kg

Slimline Clothes Line

SKU: MCL13046-MCL13031 | MCL13038
Colour: Taupe (Dune) / Latte (Paperbark) /
Grey (Woodland) / Charcoal (Monument)
Material: Galvanised Steel
Mounting: Above or In Ground Mount
Depth: 820mm
Width: 2400mm
Line Space: 16m

Compact Clothes Line

SKU: MCL13042-MCL13031 | MCL13038
Colour: Taupe (Dune) / Latte (Paperbark) /
Grey (Woodland) / Charcoal (Monument)
Material: Galvanised Steel
Mounting: Above or In Ground Mount
Depth: 1150mm
Width: 2400mm
Line Space: 25m

Standard Clothes Lines

SKU: MCL13040-MCL13031 | MCL13038
Colour: Latte (Paperbark) / Taupe (Dune) / Grey (Woodland) / Charcoal (Monument)
Material: Galvanised Steel
Mounting: Above or In Ground Mount
Depth: 1350mm
Width: 2400mm
Line Space: 31m

Family Clothes Line

SKU: MCL13015-MCL13031 | MCL13038
Colour: Taupe (Dune)
Material: Galvanised Steel
Mounting: Above or In Ground Mount
Depth: 1550mm
Width: 2200mm
Line Space: 22m

2 reviews for Camden PARCEL Letterbox + Clothes Line Kit

  1. Magda D – Figtree Pocket, Brisbane

    5 Stars

  2. Patty H – Glenelg SA

    Excellent products. Just love our parcel letterbox, works even better than we hoped. We also went for the address decal, looks amazing. Everyone comments on it. Clothesline is excellent quality too! Really happy – thank you

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