If you’re looking for the cherry on top of your beautiful new Milkcan letterbox then we’ve got you covered with our range of modern & stylish house numbers, customized address stickers & plaques. With so many high-quality finishes & designs to choose from, no matter the size, style or installation location, we have something to suit your home & needs.


House Numbers

With such a wide range of house numbers to choose from, you’ll have no problem picking your perfect numbers from our 3 different styles that have been created so that there is something for any type of surface you wish to affix them to. Whether you are looking for something from our Stainless-steel range, Powder coated range or Vinyl decal options, determining your surface & sizing required will best help you choose which one of these will be perfect for you.

Stainless Steel  

Our stainless-steel range is perfect for powder coated letterboxes, pillars or any surface that does not have a stainless-steel finish (this is due to visibility against a similar surface) offering a stylish & modern touch.

Sizing ranges from 50mm up to 150mm giving you plenty of choice with size. If you know you want your numbers to stand out from a distance and be a feature alongside your letterbox, then the bigger the better! If you are affixing to a smaller area at the front of your house or think a smaller size might suit your letterbox better, then something closer to our 50mm size might just be perfect for you.

The Stainless steel range is made up of plenty of different styles that are available in a range of sizes. These styles include a collection of slimline numbers, polished screw in numbers, floating stud mount number, glass numbers & our brushed stainless-steel stick on range.

When it comes to installation, you will need to make sure that your numbers are able to be affixed to the area that you’ve chosen. If you’re affixing to the face of your letterbox then our brushed stainless-steel numbers or slimline version are both stick on & the easiest to be installed as they can be affixed to almost any surface, constructed with a strong adhesive, simply peel off the protective backing & position your number where you would like it to go & hold down firmly.

If you are mounting to your fence, brickwork or house then our polished screw in numbers or floating stud mount options all have fixings included so that you can pre drill your holes into your desired surface using the provided studs as a guide & then easily screw your numbers into your chosen area.


Powder Coated Steel

The powder coated steel range has a beautiful, premium black finish which looks fantastic next to your letterbox, fence or home, giving it a stylish modern look. If you are thinking of affixing numbers to a stainless-steel part of your letterbox or a lighter coloured area, then our powder coated range is a great option so that your numbers stand out against their backing.

Available in two styles, the powder coated range has two different stick on options either the standard powder coated stick on or the slimline version. Both styles have two different sizing options, 75mm & 120mm. The 120mm make a great addition if you have a pillar letterbox and only require a single number. They also make a great stand out feature on a fence or house. If you have a light coloured letterbox or area of choice to affix to and are needing two or more numbers, then the 75mm size is a great choice.


Vinyl Decal

The easiest and perfect choice for affixing straight to your letterbox, our vinyl decal range can give that ‘etched effect’ look in a stylish & cost-effective way. Available in a range of colours & finishes, our vinyl decal range are made of a high-quality commercial grade vinyl that will ensure durability whilst also being a great value option.

When it comes to sizing, our broad range of vinyl numbers start at 50mm all the way up to 150mm so that choosing the correct size for your letterbox is as easy as knowing the surface size you’ll be affixing to. For singular house numbers our larger sizes can be the perfect option or for larger surface areas that you will be affixing to, then our 110mm or 150mm are a great option. If you’re short on space or need quite a few numbers, then our 50mm or 75mm might be your perfect size.

The vinyl decal range has numerous style options to suit your needs. If you’re letterbox is a darker colour then our silver or reflective vinyls are a fantastic option. Both offering a great etched effect style, the reflective vinyl option will not only stand out against your dark letterbox during the day but also reflect light at night making them easy to see in the dark.

If your letterbox is a lighter colour then our black vinyl stickers will be a great choice, making a great substitute for an etched finish, adding style & a modern touch in the most cost-effective way!

The easiest of the range to affix to your letterbox, our innovative transfer film means you just need to peel away the top sheet making sure the decal stays attached to this sheet, place your number down onto the surface you are wishing to attach it to with the top sheet still attached, firmly rub the sheet over the number & then slowly peel away the top sheet from the number! All done! Stylish etched effect in a matter of minutes.


House Signs

A stylish & unique way of displaying your home address, our range of address plaques & address decals give you a variety of options when it comes to how you display your address. With 4 different sizes of house plaques & address decals to choose from, we’ve got something to suit your home & the area you are affixing to.


House Plaques

If you’re looking for a solid sign to affix to your letterbox, fence or wall, our house plaques are a great option! Constructed from a lightweight & durable, brushed aluminum material, your custom address is then applied to this using commercial grade, black vinyl lettering. This gives your house sign an etched effect appearance.

Our composite-aluminum signs are available in 4 differing sizes. The smallest being suited to displaying numbers only and then 3 larger sizes that are perfect for displaying your full address. Depending on whether you are wanting to fix your sign to a letterbox or fence/wall will help determine your sizing. Our smaller options are perfect for a variety of our letterbox range. If are wanting to attach to the front of your house or fence, you may opt for our largest sign.

Installation of our house plaques is a breeze! All you need is a type of construction adhesive such as liquid nails & then affix to your desired area.

Vinyl Decals

Much like our range of vinyl numbers, our customized address decals are a great option for affixing the face of your letterbox or a flat wall surface. Constructed from a durable UV resistant commercial grade vinyl lettering. You can rest assured knowing that your decal will last for years to come! Depending on your colour of letterbox or wall, we’ve created our decals with 3 different colour options, black, metallic silver or white so no matter whether you are affixing to a dark or light surface, your address will stand out & be visible.

Also available, we have created two customized sizes to perfectly match our 622 Austin Letterbox & our 612 Camden Letterbox.

Installation of our vinyl decals is the same as our numbers, using a transfer film, peel away the top sheet and then press your decal face down onto your chosen surface, peel away the top layer of your new decal & you’re all done!