Everything you need to know about parcel boxes

Whether you’ve just purchased your new parcel box or you are looking to get one, we have so many wonderful reasons as to why our Parcel Box range will have something to suit you & your needs. Designed by us, for you, we’ve created this range of parcel boxes with absolute practically in mind & numerous installation options to suit the modern day home & the modern day family where online shopping is now the norm & regular parcel deliveries are common in almost every type of family.

No matter if you have been trying to find a freestanding pillar, fence mounted letterbox, brick in letterbox or wall mounted letterbox, we’ve got you covered with a range of beautiful designs that will have you receiving your mail securely & you won’t be needing to take all of those trips to the post office anymore!


Freestanding Parcel Boxes

A Parcel Letterbox from our freestanding range can make a fantastic statement piece at the front of your home. The freestanding range has also been designed to hold the largest quantity of mail & parcels. If you are someone that has a lot of online shopping and would like something to hold medium sized boxes (up to a wine case size – yay wine!) our Parcel Pal Letterbox is the biggest in the range, designed with style in mind but also to keep all of your packages safe and sound until you arrive home, reducing your amount of trips to the post office to collect those larger parcels.

As well the ability to hold larger capacities of mail, the freestanding parcel box range has both key & combination locks to ensure security & the bonus of a safe mail slot so that no mail or parcels can be removed once they have been delivered. This is because when the lid of your parcel box is lifted, an internal panel also lifts to provide a floor for the mail or parcel to rest on. As the lid is closed, this floor drops away & your mail falls into the compartment below keeping it safe & sound. If you are looking for something that isn’t as large as our Parcel Pal, Our Camden parcel box is perfect for a stylish addition & can still hold up to a shoe box sized parcel whilst keeping a streamline look, modern style & with various colour options!

Your Parcel box is already assembled for easy installation and includes anchor bolts & installation instructions. Everything has been simplified for your convenience!


Fence Mounted Parcel Boxes

If you are wanting to mount your parcel box into a fence, we have a wide range of stylish fence mounted parcel letterboxes that can still hold small to medium sized parcels & keep them safe. With mounting flanges for an easy install as well as front & rear access available depending on your personal requirements, you will have no problem finding a fence mounted parcel box to suit you & your family.

A combination lock at the front means that you can leave your parcel box open so that the courier can deliver your parcel & once it has been placed inside he can then lock it to prevent theft. Even when your fence box is locked, it will still partially open at the top enough to receive letters.

Available in a range of stylish colours our Siena Letterbox and the Lisbon Letterbox make beautiful additions to your fence and front of house area.


Brick in Parcel Letterboxes

Not only are our parcel boxes suitable for fence, but if you want to install into brick, we’ve designed a brick-in letterbox of our popular Siena A4 Parcel Box which has an adjustable sleeve making installation so much easier. With a sleeve that expands from 290mm up to 500mm you can choose the depth of your letterbox dependant on your brickwork. The sleeve is constructed from galvanised steel ensuring your parcel box will last for years to come.

Just like the fence mounted letterboxes you have the option of opening from the front or rear with a key lock option at the back for easy retrieval of mail & the capacity to take A4 mail, small satchels & parcels all while receiving them safely & securely. Available in a variety of colours, you will be sure to find a brick-in parcel box to suit your home.


Wall Mounted Parcel Boxes

Lastly but definitely not least! Our wall mounted parcel boxes make a fantastic slimline option whilst still having the capacity to hold A4 mail, satchels & smaller sized parcels.


Perfect for the home or complexes where you may need to install numerous letterboxes side by side, the Lisbon wall mounted letterbox is a fantastic option! With a top lid that lifts upwards, much like our freestanding range, an internal panel lifts up to create a floor that drops away when closed so that your mail falls into a safe compartment below. This means that if someone was to open the lid of your parcel box, this floor would again rise up, blocking access to your mail below.

With a key lock front door, you can conveniently retrieve your mail whenever needed. Available in a variety of colours, there are so many reasons to love your wall mounted parcel box.