Everything you need to know about fence & brick mounted letterboxes

Whether you’re looking to mount your letterbox into brick, timber, block or steel, we are here to help you decide whether a picket fence mounted letterbox or a brick mounted letterbox is going to suit your needs best, installation tips & the differences between the two so that you have all the tools & tricks to make the best choice for your home. This simple guide will give you all the information you need & set you up to be confident in your letterbox choice & installing.

Picket Fence Mounted Letterbox – We have designed our Picket fence range with the ability to be installed into almost all types of fences whether that be timber, brick, block or steel. With front & rear access, the picket fence mounted letterbox has been created for easy installation & use.

With an innovative mounting design that conceals all screws, you will not have to worry about theft of your fence-mounted letterbox. A removable front faceplate means that this clever two-piece design can be easily installed in a variety of different ways. With screws & instructions included, we’ve simplified everything for you so you don’t have to stress when it comes to the installation of your picket fence letterbox.

Choosing the right picket fence mounted design is as easy as working out what is going to suit your needs. Whether you need the option of your letterbox to take A4 mail & small satchels or just enough to be able to accept small quantities of mail, the picket fence range has a wide variety so that you can choose your perfect size & style.

Brick Mounted Letterbox – If you have decided that you will need to mount your letterbox into brick, you can still use one of our fence mounted letterboxes but we suggest looking to our brick mounted range as these have been design to offer you more flexibility & the option to adjust your depth when it comes to installing into brick work.


Each Brick-in letterbox has been designed with an adjustable sleeve that can be adjusted from 230mm up to 470mm & has the ability to be cut down shorter if needed. The sleeve is fully pre-formed so it does not need any assembly making your installation a breeze!


The sleeve has been designed so that you can install without your front & back plate so that these can be left to last once your beautiful brick fence has been cleaned and rendering complete so as not to damage either plate during the installation process.


With a wide range of options that have the ability to take A4 mail, a brick-in letterbox might be your perfect solution when it comes to easy installation & something stylish that is going to suit your home & letterbox needs.