Which Letterbox is right for you

Choosing the right letterbox doesn’t need to be a daunting task, we’ve made it super easy! By reading through our guide, you’ll have no trouble narrowing down what letterbox is right for your home.

When it comes to how you will be mounting your letterbox, the style of your letterbox & what abilities you need your letterbox to have, we’ve got all the tips to best help you decide what is going to suit your needs so you can rest assured knowing that you have selected the perfect one! No matter if it’s a freestanding pillar, fence mounted letterbox or letterbox and post, we can help you find a letterbox you’ll love.



 The first thing to decide when choosing your letterbox is where it will be installed. Are you mounting it into a fence or brickwork? Or are you looking to have a freestanding letterbox? Once you know where it will be going, this will better help you narrow down your options.

Picket Fence Mount & Brick-Ins

Our range of Fence mount letterboxes have been designed to fit into most types of fences. Whether that be timber, brick, block or steel, there’s a solution for your fence needs. Created with longevity, functionality & style in mind, you will find installing your fence letterbox a breeze! We have lots of styles of picket fence mount letterboxes, with many colours, finishes and features, including our popular parcel letterboxes that let you receive your parcels right to your home securely, with styles in both our fence mount and brick-in letterboxes. 

If you have a brick or block wall and looking to install your letterbox into your brickwork, we have specifically designed our range of Brick-In letterboxes to suit standard brick sizing. We’ve also designed our brick-in range to have adjustable depths allowing versatility with where you wish to install, while keeping the look and functionality. 

Our collection of picket fence and brick-in letterboxes are available in a range of stainless steel & powder coated options. We also offer a range of marine grade steel for those that have homes closer to the ocean.

For installation into a picket fence, our letterboxes have a removable front panel & an innovative mounting design that conceals all screws, retaining that modern finish. For information on installing, you can visit our Fence Mount Installation Page and our Brick In Installation Page to give you step by step instructions on our fence mount & brick-in range.


Free standing

Our Milkcan freestanding letterboxes come in a range of styles & colours to suit every house type & mail capacity. Choose from either our letterbox and post range for smaller amounts of mail, our Timber panel range or our parcel box range that can take A4 mail, satchels & medium size parcels.

Free-standing letterboxes have come a long way! We have designed this range to give you the most convenient mail delivery options whilst also keeping your mail secure until you get home.

Our modern design means your letterbox is going to look so stylish at the front of your home. Lightweight yet durable, installation is simple & by following the instructions on our installation page you’ll have no problem getting your mailbox secure & ready to receive your mail!



When it comes to style, we’ve made sure that no matter what type of letterbox you are needing, we have a variety of styles & colours to keep your home looking on trend! A lot of our new designs have black or grey powder coat options for a modern, sleek look. Timber fence panels & rendered concrete pillars make beautiful standout features & are available in a range of colours.

If you’re loving stainless steel, we have a range of fence & brick mounted letterboxes with a variety of different stainless steel styles & of course, our simplistic yet sweet box and post options! 

Size & capabilities

Lastly, choosing the right size & capabilities is going to really help work out which best suits your letterbox needs. Are you a big online shopper who receives parcels galore or do you have a large family that means more mail arriving more often? If the answer is yes, you might want to think about one of our parcel letterboxes. With the ability to accept A4 mail & medium size parcels, your mail will be kept safe & sound with these theft proof letterboxes. We also offer a smaller range of parcel boxes that can be installed in a fence.

If you don’t require such a large mail box, our box & post letterboxes might be a more suitable option. If you are wanting to install into a fence or brickwork then our large variety of fence mount letterboxes ranges from a slimline, smaller style, some with built in paper holders up to holding some small parcels and A4 letters.