What size is right for me?

So, you’ve decided to purchase a fire pit – hooray! but now you need to know what size will suit your needs. No matter your area size, the style you’re after or whether you need it to be travel friendly, we’ve put together some simple suggestions to help you determine which fire pit size is best for you.

Area Size

The most important thing when determining size is working out where your fire pit is going to spend most of its time. If you’re creating an entertaining area where your fire pit will be the focal point, then measuring your space is a great start to determining which size will best fit your area.

If you have a big & spacious outdoor area that requires a larger fire pit to ensure you & your guests stay warm & toasty any of our Extra Large Fire Pits like the Gobi 90cm Rust Fire Pit is perfect for the job! This large stunning fire pit will add a beautifully rustic style to your area & its deep bowl means you can fill the fire pit for longer burning so you get to sit back & enjoy! If you are creating a permanent seating area around your fire pit, our Dakota 94cm Cast Fire Pit is another fire pit from our extra large collection that would compliment a bigger space with its unique & modern style.


For most backyards & entertaining areas our range of Large Fire Pits are a great size. Available in a variety of different shapes & depths to suit all sorts of areas, you will be sure to find one that accommodates your needs. If you are looking for a rounded shape firepit, the Kalahari 81cm Fire Pit has two different colour options and a fantastic deep bowl. For a unique square shape, why not try our Sirocco 80cm Rust Fire Pit. Our Marrakesh 80 Fire Pit is one of our most popular and will look great entertaining your guests!


Thinking your smaller space can’t handle anything too large? Not to worry! We have some smaller stylish fire pits that are still great in size and fantastic for littler areas like courtyards, smaller gatherings or if you don’t want your fire pit to be a focal point, but rather an additional source of heat when sitting outside in cooler weather. The Nevada 70 Fire PitMorocco 60 Fire pit are stylish and more compact, but will be a great source of heat meaning nobody will go cold! Both with dainty legs & lightweight, you can easily move these fire pits around your yard to accommodate your needs.

Having a good idea of where your fire pit will be going is a great help in narrowing down your sizing needs, how big or small the area is you are heating and whether you want this to be in a seating area or have the option of standing around it as well.


Our last tip on choosing a fire pit size for your area is whether your use will be solely as a fire pit. You can read our blog on alternative uses for your fire pit to give you some additional ideas on how to use it when the weather is warm, or you are not needing a fire. This may help determine just how big or small you want it. Using it as an ice bucket or water feature when it’s warm means you could keep your fire pit in the same area all year round for good use! If you would prefer to put it away during the warmer months, make sure you have the storage space if you are purchasing a large fire pit or alternatively a small size might be more suitable if you will be moving it about. Keep in mind that with our bigger fire pits you may need a helping hand transporting them around your yard.


We all want an outdoor area that feels & looks great. Creating that right style is all part of the fun when it comes to landscaping your outdoor space and choosing the right size and location for your fire pit can really add a stunning new element to your yard. Although we think each of our fire pits has its own unique style, it’s what is going to suit you best that we are here to help with!

For the large modern home, our newer range of black, steel fire pits can add a sleek stylish finish to your entertaining area. Our popular Arizona 94cm Black Steel Fire Pit is fantastic as a focal point for big areas or our Kakadu 70cm Black Steel Fire Pit is a smaller option making moving it about easier.

Keep in mind, your black fire pit will rust over time where it holds your fire but this can be maintained with pot belly black paint if you would like to keep it the beautiful black colour. Other people quite enjoy the transition to rust and the idea of having a new colour fire pit! The choice is yours & we think either way looks great!


If you are looking to add that touch of rustic your space, for a larger more permanent feature, our Sirocco 80cm Rust Fire Pit will add a beautiful style & warmth to your seating area, with an extra deep bowl, this is a great one for Winter. For a unique & different type of fire pit that’s just a bit smaller, our Montana Fire Pit is perfect to add a bit of wow factor when it comes to entertaining.



Our last tip for sizing focuses on the practicality of your fire pit & what’s going to suit your needs best. If you’ve already decided that this is a permanent feature for your yard, then you don’t need to worry about moving your fire pit about.

If your fire pit is not going to be permanently in one place, it’s a good idea to think about how easily you want to be able to move it about your area or where it will be stored if you would like it stored away during the warmer months. Considering a fire pit right for your storage space, or even one with handles like the Gobi Fire Pit is a great idea.

Another fantastic idea to take into consideration is travelling! If you’re an avid camper & love those weekends away, being able to take a fire pit can be a little extra luxury for cold nights. If this is you, make sure you are choosing one that will be light, compact and practical. The Aztec Fire Pit is the perfect camping companion and is easy to transport making it a great size option for weekends away!  

It’s also great to take into consideration whether you want to be able to transport your fire pit to friends or families houses for gatherings or parties. This can be a handy option again if you are wanting to have flexibility with your fire pit & be able to transport it.

For more information on selecting a fire pit, why not check out our blog on ‘Choosing the right fire pit for you’ to help you better decide which will suit you best.