When it comes to choosing your perfect fire pit, there are a few important things you need to take into consideration to help in choosing the perfect fire pit for you. We’ve covered how to choose the best fire pit size for your space, and now it’s time to look at colour and material.

We’ve put together a handy guide on how best to choose the right colour for your and your home. Along with tips on maintaining your fire pit & some helpful facts so that you can rest assured knowing that we have created your fire pit with the highest of quality in mind & options for every need!



 Our rusted fire pits are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason! They are low maintenance, super stylish and look great in almost all types of yards & entertaining areas. With such a large variety to choose from, you won’t struggle to find a rust fire pit that’s perfect for you.


Maintaining your rust fire pit is as easy as knowing where it will be living & what you want out of it. If you are looking for a low maintenance option, leaving your fire pit out in the elements when not in use will only cause it to rust more, which isn’t a bad thing considering it’s already rusty! We think this adds character & can make a fantastic looking feature in your yard.


If you would prefer that your fire pit did not further rust, keeping it out of the elements when not in use or putting a cover over the top will prevent it from further rusting. You can also purchase an oil based sealant from your local hardware to slow down the rust process.  


If your rust fire pit is going to spend most of its time on a lighter pavement or tiled area, we recommend putting something underneath on the off chance your fire pit may leave a bit of rust residue beneath it. You can get creative with this & create a little zone for your rust fire pit or it might be simply choosing a material that can be placed under when in use and then put away when not in use.


All you have to do now is work out if the rust colour will better suit your area over the black. This all comes down to personal preference & how you want the design of your overall area to look! We find that no matter what style of home you have there is a rust fire pit that will suit it perfectly!



Having a black fire pit in your entertaining area is definitely going to make a beautifully bold statement piece. We just love the effect a black fire pit can have on an area & with black fixtures & finishes becoming more & more popular around the home, adding a black fire pit is a whole new element that’s definitely on trend! It’s sleek, stylish & lucky for you our diverse range of black fire pits means you have a variety to choose from.


Depending on how often you use your black fire pit, where it is kept & the duration of your fires, there will need to be some low maintenance to keep it in its best condition. After some time you will notice that the heat resistant black coating will start to flake off in areas, mainly where your fire will be burning. Also keep in mind, if it is spending time outdoors in the elements, especially if you are near the ocean & have salt in the air, this will also cause the coating to flake in other areas & potentially speed up the rusting process.


Some people love the fact that their black fire pit will go through a gradual phase of rusting, this can look quite cool & make a great looking addition to your space. If you would prefer that your fire pit stays its beautiful sleek black, not to worry! You can use a coat of heat resistant potbelly black paint each season to keep it looking its best!


When applying your coat of paint, make sure you have cleaned your fire pit properly & removed any residue before applying to ensure that it goes on nice & smooth.


More & more people are complimenting their yards with black fire pits. We think it’s because they add such a unique modern style, if you’ve been considering a black fire pit why not check out our range below.


No matter your colour choice, size or style, we have made sure that the quality of your fire pit will ensure longevity & be enjoyed for years to come.


We design & make all of our fire pits out of high quality cast & formed steel. Both built for durability, the only difference is which shape you like best! We have created each fire pit bowl to have a thickness of between 2mm & 4mm throughout. The consistency of thickness throughout the bowl means that there are no weak spots. When purchasing your fire pit this is important to know as sometimes other fire pits can be created with this thickness around the edge of the bowl but much thinner steel down at the base giving the illusion of the same thickness throughout. This means the fire pit will eventually weaken where the fire is held & become brittle & broken. As we design all our Milkcan Fire Pits and take great pride in offering products that are built to last, you can be guaranteed you’re purchasing a quality finished firepit that will last for many years to come!