When it comes to choosing the right fire pit for you, there a few things that you need to take into consideration. From sizing to colour & material, we’ve put together this practical guide to help you determine which is best for you so that you can get the most out of your new fire pit!  


One of the most important things you will need to work out is what size is going to suit your needs best. Determining where your fire pit will be going & how you will be using it will help greatly in choosing the correct size. You can also check out our article on ‘Fire Pit Size Guide For Your Space’ to better help you decide. We’ve broken our range of fire pits down into 3 different sizes to help you select which one is going to work best for you; portable, large and extra large.

Portable Fire Pits

With the bowls ranging from 45cm up to 60cm these fire pits will still create a large amount of heat without taking up as much room. Available in a variety of shapes, you will have no trouble finding a small fire pit to suit your needs.Our smaller sized portable fire pits have been created with practicality in mind! If you have a small outdoor space, and want the option to easily move your fire pit about the yard or even better, want to be able to take it away on weekend camp trips or parties, then our portable fire pit range will be perfect for you and will make the best addition as a camping fire pit.

Milkcan F6090R-aztec-rust-fire-pit-steel


For a lot of entertaining areas & backyards our range of large fire pits will suit perfectly. Although slightly heavier, moving about your backyard will be no problem with our range of stylish fire pits.

The large fire pit will also look great with seating around it or if you want to be able to pile on the wood for longer burning, the larger bowls mean you won’t be needing to top it up as often.

With so many to choose from, our range of large fire pits will be sure to have something to suit your space. The bowls range from 70cm up to 80cm & a variety of shapes are available to give you an option you will love!


Extra Large

Whether you have a large space to fill, are looking for a focal point for your entertaining area, or just think that an extra large fire pit will suit you best, our range of beautiful extra large fire pits will be sure to compliment your chosen area. If you are wanting an extra deep & wide bowl, ranging from 94cm to 100cm, your fire pit will be able to hold large amounts of wood for optimum heat & make a stunning feature in your backyard. With the option of a variety or rounded shapes or square, each unique design will bring a beautiful stylish element your area.



Your next big deciding factor is going to be the colour! Are you wanting to match the style of your backyard or entertaining area? Consider if this will be the focal point in your yard or where it will spend most of its time and will it suit that area. We have a range of black fire pits & rust fire pits to choose from! Both beautiful & designed to give you more options when it comes to selecting what will be best for your needs.

Rust Fire Pits

With rust being the big one on trend right now, we have a huge variety of rust fire pits in each size. The great thing about rust is that it looks beautiful in both a modern & rustic setting. A rust fire pit compliments almost all areas & is low maintenance meaning you can leave it out when not in use. Even better, you could turn it into a bird bath or water feature with water plants! No matter what you decide for it’s uses a rust fire pit will always make a pretty addition to your yard.


Black Fire Pits

Sleek & stunning, a black fire pit will really add that wow factor to your home! Whether you are wanting it as a focal point or think that black will better suit your colour scheme we have a range of black fire pits in each size to give you the flexibility of choosing which colour you love best! Our black fire pits add an amazing design element to your yard & although we love that overtime, they will gradually rust (bonus a new colour fire pit!), you can keep your fire pit beautifully black always by using some pot belly black paint when needed.

Kalahari 81cm BLACK Fire Pit LARGE DEEP 4mm Thick Bowl -6298


This one isn’t a choice because no matter which fire pit is your favourite, you can rest assured knowing that we have designed and created each fire pit with the highest of quality in mind.