Whether you’re looking to replace your old clothes line that just doesn’t quite cut it anymore or you are starting fresh in a new home looking for a clothes line to fit your new space, we’ve created a beautiful range of clotheslines to suit most any need! From small compact clothes lines to the perfect family size clothes line. Wall mounted or ground mounted and a wide range of colours. We’ve put together our most practical guide to help you choose the best clothesline for your home and needs.



Our clotheslines are available in 4 varying sizes, which are slimline, compact, standard & family. We have created the Slimline, Standard & Compact to be 2400mm wide which is bigger than the standard clothesline width of 2200mm. The reason for this is that this is the size of a queen size sheet, so you can fit your sheets perfectly across any of these 3 styles of clotheslines, whereas our family has been created as a great practical family clothesline & boasts much more room between lines for optimal hanging space. Our range has been curated to accommodate every home no matter the needs of the household. 

Slimline 7 line clothes line

If you’re short on space & need your clothesline to fit a small balcony or courtyard, our slimline clotheslines might just be perfect for you! With the option of mounting to either wall or ground, this 7-line clothesline is versatile & can even be cut down in width if needed. 

Compact 11 line clothes line

If you’re looking for one size larger & needing to cater to a smaller family, then the standard clothesline might better suit your needs. Also having the option to mount onto a wall or into the ground, this 11 line clothesline is still a small to medium size & has the ability to adjust in width should you need to do so. 

Compact 13 line clothesline

For those with larger families, we have created the Compact clothesline. With the ability to mount to a wall or in or above ground, this 13 line clothesline can also be cut down in both width & depth so that you can be sure it fits the space you need it to go in. 

Family clothesline

Lastly, our family clothesline, perfect for the everyday family household. Although not as wide as the other clotheslines having a total width of 2200mm this one is the deepest of the range & makes a great addition for the family with lots of washing & space! Even if you’re feeling tight for space, you can shorten the width of the clothesline to suit your wall area. 



With two options as to how you will mount your clothesline, once you’ve decided on the area you’d like your clothesline to go, it will either be mounted to a wall/fence or into the ground. 

Wall Mounting

Mounting your clothesline to either a wall or fence is a great way to save on space. Our clotheslines have all been designed with a lift, lock and release mechanism so when not in use your clothesline can stay flat against your wall allowing you to utilize the space around it. 

Included with your clothesline will be installation instructions as well as nuts & bolts for assembly. Depending on what type of wall you are mounting into, you will need to go to your local hardware store to get the correct fixings. Should you find that your clothesline does not fit the space you thought it would, you do have the option to shorten the width or you can purchase one of our ground mounting kits if you have decided this would be a better option for you. 


Ground Mounting

 Designed as an alternative solution when a wall or fence is not an option, our ground mount clotheslines give you the flexibility to install wherever you choose in your backyard.

 We’ve created two kit options when it comes to ground mounting your clothesline. Choose from the ‘in ground’ mounting kit for installing into the ground & the ‘above ground’ mounting kit if you’re wanting to install onto a concrete or paved area. 

You will receive mounting plates with the ‘above ground’ mounting kit so that you can bolt your clothesline straight into your concrete or paved area.



Our clothes lines are all galvanised and powder-coated for corrosion resistance. We want you to enjoy your clothes lines for years to come! With 4 colour options to choose from,Taupe (Dune), Latte (Paperbark), Grey (Woodland) and Charcoal (Monument) we’ve made sure you’ll have a colour to suit your home so you can be happy with your modern design & colour of your new Milkcan clothesline.