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Parcel Letterbox

Parcel Letterbox

Parcel Letterboxes

Parcel letterboxes are a statement piece for any home owners front entry. It’s more than just their solid presence; their ability to take large parcels and colours that compliment any home that make them desireable. They are able to be a stand alone piece or fenced | bricked in.

At Milkcan, we have a range of parcel mailboxes. Our Parcel Pal is ideal for townhouses, new modern homes, perfect for older homes and a business premise. We have a range of colours.

Our parcel letterboxes are more than just a pretty face; they’re crafted to be practical and tough to last, delivering service for years to come. We only use top quality materials in our constructions – powder coated galvanised steel – quality design to protect your mail and parcels from the elements and petty thefts.

Milkcan Design Parcel mailboxes can receive A4 letters with ease, as well as providing a receptacle for parcels. There is a Front and Rear lockable access, for secure storage of mail and parcels until you arrive home.