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Concrete Pillar

Pillar SP70 Letterbox Cream Key Lock  concrete letterbox

WAS $179

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Pillar SP70 Letterbox Cream Key Lock

Regular Price: $179

Special Price: $139

Steel Pillar

Pillar SP43 Letterbox A4 Stone Colour KEY LOCK

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Pillar SP43 Letterbox A4 Stone Colour KEY LOCK

Regular Price: $225

Special Price: $149

Valencia CHARCOAL Pillar

Sandstone Pillar

Sand Laguna Sandstone Pillar

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Regular Price: $209

Special Price: $128

Sandstone Villa Black Pillar

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Pillar Letterboxes

Choose from a host of attractive pillar letterboxes at Milkcan to compliment your home and garden. Our range comes available in an assortment of designs, colours and materials that are sure to leave you spoilt for choice. Our most popular styles include Milkcan traditional sandstone letterbox, our concrete modern pillar letterbox and our newest addition the parcel post box, perfect for online shopping.

All of our pillar letter boxes are designed in-house. To guarantee optimal functionality, all of our letterboxes are tested extensively by our engineers before they are put into production. Rest easy knowing that you will receive unique and high quality finished products every time.

Our new parcel box is the newest addition to our range. Design with those who are looking for a larger mail capacity, businesses requiring secure parcel deliveries or online shoppers who receive lots of parcels. A stylish modern design, the parcel letterbox is our new design to help with parcel post deliveries.

Our pillar letterboxes and parcel box are made in either sandstone, steel or concrete materials. Featuring modern and traditional designs, our products come in a variety of neutral colours, perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to any style of home. Security and functionality are also a priority; features include key locks, mail flaps and weather-resistant properties.

We have been a leader in manufacturing durable, high quality and stylish pillar letterboxes for nearly 20 years; we strive to deliver outstanding products and complete customer satisfaction. For experience you can trust, order from us today for Australia-wide delivery.