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Rear Opening - Stainless steel

Rear Opening - Stainless steel

Rear Access Letterbox

For the ultimate in security, select a rear access letterbox. Fitted into a solid wall with only a slim access slot at the front, these mailboxes allow mail in – with any thieving fingers!

Milkcan offers the choice of rear access in a pre-made box or as separate components for the front and rear of the letterbox. They’re perfect for brick walls as it fits in a cavity one brick high by one brick wide and the expandable cavity can extend out to 500mm. For walls of an unusual depth, the separate front and rear components offer the ideal solution – you can fix them to your available space.

All our rear access letterbox models come in 304 grade stainless steel for protection against the elements and good looks guaranteed for years to come. They take A4 mail, are theft and rain resistant and come with three keys. By using the best materials and well-considered design, we offer letterboxes of exceptional quality and aesthetics.

We ship our mailboxes throughout Australia – no matter where you are, we can land one of our products on your doorstep in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Shop online today with our secure payment system.