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With so many Australians eager to spend time outside, seating alternatives are becoming so popular, but we love the tried and tested favourite – the hammock. It’s been around just about forever, and we think it’s a winner when it comes to style and comfort. Milkcan has a range of different types of hammock to cater to those who like to lounge in different ways.

Whether you like to feel like you’re in a cocoon, wrapped up, or enveloped, there is an option to suit you. If you like to be more reclined, then a Lennox hammock is the perfect option for you. Available in naturals or vibrant colours, these poly-cotton canvas hammocks are a stunning addition to any outdoor setting. The newest member to the Milkcan hammocks collection available online is the Hammock Swing. It’s a more upright – yet still reclined – position that is made even more comfortable with the addition of 2 purpose madeĀ  matching cushions.

For your children, the Byron hanging swing, also known as a cocoon swing or sensory swing is the perfect addition to your little ones room. Offering a space for children to retreat or play, these swings create a calming environment for your child to relax.

We deliver these great products Australia wide, so shop online and pick one for yourself, and maybe one as a gift for friends and family. Our outdoor hammocks and hammock swings are sure to create a beautiful attraction to your garden, verandah, backyard or inside your home, and keep you and your friends relaxed all year round. Get comfortable – get a hammock.