Whether you are looking for a modern stainless steel letterbox or a premium powder-coated parcel fence mount, here at Milkcan, we have what you need! We have compiled a list of favourite letterboxes as chosen by you, our customers! Whether you need a freestanding pillar, brick-in letterbox or a fence mount letterbox, we have countless designs and colours to suit your needs.

1. Monaco Letterbox

Our Milkcan designed Monaco pillar letterbox is definitely a favourite with everyone. This is a modern letterbox with an an elegant slant that suits today’s modern architecture. Finished with a stylish curved stainless steel face the Monaco suits any contemporary facade. As the Monaco has a beautiful render finish, either choose one of our  modern colours or, this durable letterbox can be painted to match your home! 

2. Palazzo Letterbox

For customers looking for that perfect brick-in letterbox, our Palazzo letterbox is one of our most popular, and for many reasons. Available in 2 different sizes, a choice of colours, finishes and features like mail flaps, the Palazzo letterbox is the perfect choice for your home. Installation is a breeze as the Palazzo is finished with an adjustable sleeve that allows versatility during installation. Simply adjust the sleeve up to 470mm, to suit your brick and block wall depth and install, nice and easy!

3. Parcel Letterboxes

Our newest collection of parcel letterboxes have become a hit! We’ve designed our original Milkcan range of parcel letterboxes that lets you shop online, and have all your parcels safely and securely delivered to your home, no need to visit the post office! Our range of parcel letterboxes come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit however you wish to install, into brick work, onto your fence or as a freestanding pillar.

The Camden’s modern design, along with it’s functionality makes it a fast favourite within our freestanding parcel pillar range. Designed to be a stylish addition to your front garden, while receiving all size mail and small to medium parcels securely. The Camden letterboxes, along with our other parcel letterboxes are perfect if you’re looking to receive parcels straight to your door.

4. Fence Letterboxes

At Milkcan, we have developed different styles of fence mounted letterboxes to suit all your needs making these also a popular choice when installing into your front fence. The favourites of the fence mounted collection are the Hendon and the Siena letterbox.

Hendon Letterbox

This new take on a traditional design has customers installing them left, right and centre. The powder coated finish and stainless steel faceplates allow this letterbox to perfectly suit any home, whether it is a new build or a renovation. With the option to upgrade to 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, no matter where you live, you can enjoy the Stainless Steel look.
With a built-in mail flap and newspaper ring, the Hendon letterbox is a stylish addition to your front fence, and loved by many!

Siena Letterbox

The Siena is as equally popular due to its functionality that people love. The Siena is essentially a parcel letterbox built into your fence. With a front and rear door, if you only have front access, you can still benefit from this letterbox! This unique design when locked allows for only small items such as letters to be placed inside the chute. But if you’re expecting a parcel/package, add the combination code to the delivery instructions and the courier can simply place it inside. This eliminates the risk of a wet or stolen package left outside, which is why our Siena is so loved.

We pride ourselves on quality because we want you to be happy and get the most out of your letterbox. So whether you’ve purchased the Monaco, the Palazzo, or any of our letterboxes, you can rest assured knowing that your letterbox, designed by us is built to last.

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