Although the name says it all, our stylish fire pits are so much more versatile than just keeping you warm through those cooler months. No matter the style of fire pit you have, we’ve put together 4 different ways you can use your fire pit all year round so that you can make the most of it even if it’s not fire weather!

Fish Pond

A simplistic yet beautiful way to utilise your fire pit is to convert it into a fish pond! If you’ve ever thought about creating a small pond feature but worried about the need to dig holes & disrupt the backyard then this is the perfect solution! Fish make a beautiful addition to an outdoor area and with a small pump and some water plants you will have your newly converted fire pit and outdoor entertaining area looking amazing! For this purpose we sell all of our fire pits without a drain hole so that you can fill with water if desired. Here are our top picks for fire pits that make great fish ponds.

Ice Bucket

This has to be the perfect way to utilize your fire pit during the summer. The season of outdoor BBQ’s, entertaining & holidays. What better way to use your outdoor fire pit than to turn it into the ultimate ice bucket! Serve drinks cold & with style by keeping this nearby when guests are over. Not only is this a great way to make use of your fire pit when its hot but it looks great in your entertaining area & saves you money & space investing in a separate bucket for drinks. We’ve chosen our favourite fire pits that can also double as Ice buckets here.

Water Bowl/Plant Feature

Water features are a beautiful addition to any home & if you’re just wanting a nice idea until you can use your fire pit for fires again then why not create a stunning plant feature or water bowl. A great way to attract birds & pretty up your backyard during the warmer months, filling your bowl with water & some plants is an easy and stylish way to spruce up your patio or entertaining area! For the best fire pits that also work great as this type of feature, click here for our favourites.

Fire Pit

So this is the obvious one! But lets just point out why a fire pit is so great to have in the cooler months. Not only is it a safe option to have in your backyard as your fire is contained to the bowl, we think our range of fire pits make such a stylish and fantastic option to any outdoor entertaining area. Whether you have a small backyard or large backyard, we have sizes to suit all & styles to suit all! There is nothing better than the warm glow of a fire & what better way to enjoy those cold nights than cozied up in front of that beautiful glow! Check out our entire range here and browse through our many options that await your space.

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