Whether you’ve been deciding if this is the right letterbox for you or you’ve just purchased one. There are so many reasons why the parcel box is a favourite & why we think you’ll love it! We’ve put together our top 5 reasons on why the Parcel Box is a great choice when it comes to receiving all of your mail.

  • The online shoppers dream!
    It’s all about convenience in this modern world & while online shopping is one of most convenient ways to shop now, sometimes deliveries of these parcels are not so much. The Parcel Box is the perfect solution. Capable of holding a large capacity of different sized parcels, you can rest easy knowing that your parcels will be safe until you arrive home. No longer will they be left on the doorstep but out of sight, secure in the safety of your parcel box until you arrive home.  Which brings us to our next reason.
Camden PARCEL Letterbox + Clothesline + Ground Mount Kit TAUPE (Dune) | Letterbox 4 Colours-Milkcan
Camden Merbau Black Parcel Letterbox
  • Security
    Not only do our Parcel Boxes have a back key lock, they also have a resettable combination lock on their front door allowing your posty to safely deliver larger parcels without anyone else gaining access to them.
    A secure mail flap ensures all of your letters are also kept safe. This is a big reason why the Parcel Box is such a great choice as you will not have to worry about mail theft.
  • No more trips to the Post Office
    No longer will your postman or courier need to leave a card for you to collect your parcels from the post office or arrange redelivery. The Parcel Boxes capacity to hold larger parcels & numerous parcels will save you trips to the post office & ensure you receive your parcels & mail as soon as possible.
Milkcan Black Parcel Pal Letterbox
Black Parcel Pal Letterbox
  • Easy Installation
    If you’re worried the Parcel Box might be tricky to install, it’s actually so easy! Plus we’ve created step-by-step, easy to follow instructions so that you don’t have to waste time installing yours.  Your Parcel Box will arrive fully assembled with all additional parts needed & ready to be installed. And made from galvanised steel making it extremely durable, it is light enough that installation will be no problem.
  • Stylish
    The final bonus is that our Parcel Boxes look so stylish! They are designed to look great out the front of your home & your neighbours will soon be wanting their own. Created with a variety of colour options you will never look back once you have your Parcel Box.

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